P-110 EPDM Bleed-Block Primer

SKU: P-110-55

Some EPDM membranes, when restored with a silicone roof coating, may cause the coating to turn yellow. P-110 prevents this yellowing from occurring. 

Available in: Gray color and 5 and 55-gallon containers. 

Application: Spray-applying is recommended.

Note: P-110 is not intended to improve adhesion of silicone roof coatings to EPDM surfaces, rather to prevent yellowing of the top coat.


EPDM membranes leach chemicals through the top of the membrane for most of their useful service lives. This leaching causes all silicone roof coatings to turn yellow. EPDM Bleed-Block Primer simultaneously enhances adhesion while also preventing yellowing of the coating. P-110 is a plasticizer free, single component, water-based, acrylic primer designed to prime properly cleaned EPDM surfaces.

Storage and Shelf Life: P-110 has a recommended shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture when stored in unopened containers between 40°F and 70°F. Refer to product packaging for date of manufacture.


Prep: Prior to starting your roofing project, prep the roof by power-washing, removing dirt and debris, and making any necessary repairs. Ensure roof is completely dry prior to applying any primer or silicone. For more detailed preparation instructions, view our Technical Resources page. 

Mix: Separation may occur prior to product application. This is normal and does not impact performance. Product should be mixed with a drill mixer for ~5 minutes prior to application.

Application: P-110 is intended to be spray-applied. It can also be applied with a brush or roller. P-110 should be applied at a rate of 1gallon per 200 square feet. 

Spray: Contact Progressive Materials for specific pump, hose, and spray gun requirements.
Roller: 1¼” nap roller.

Limitations & Precautions:

This product cures only by water evaporation. P-110 should not be applied when the ambient temperature is below 50°F, or if there is a possibility the temperature could fall below 32°F within 24 hours. Application is not recommended if rain or dew is expected before product dries.

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