Butyl Fleece Tape

SKU: FT-500-4

No roof is complete without proper prep work. Our Butyl Fleece Tape is designed for use on seams, flashings, repairs, and general detail work. Ensure your Silicone Roof Coating Restoration project stands the test of time with this tenacious tape designed to strengthen seams and flashing details.

Available in: 4” x 65.5’ rolls and contains 4 rolls per box.


FT 500 Butyl Fleece Tape is a butyl rubber compound with an absorbent polyester fleece face. This product was developed to seal a variety surfaces and prevent moisture intrusion. It is ideal for applications over metal roof panels, single ply membranes and smooth-surfaced asphalt-based roofs. This product is extremely flexible and moldable which also makes it a great product for sealing curbs and other roof-top equipment.

Packaging: FT 500 Butyl Fleece Tape is available in 4” x 65.5’ rolls and contains 4 rolls per box.

Storage and Shelf Life: FT 500 Butyl Fleece Tape has a recommended shelf life of 24 months when stored flat in original packaging in cool, dry conditions. Refer to product packaging for manufacture date.


Prep: All surfaces should be dry, smooth, clean and free from dirt,
dust, carbon dust, loose paint or coatings, oil, grease, rust or
other foreign matter. Treat the surface as directed below for the
appropriate substrate:

  • Single-Ply Membranes – Clean with toluene, xylene or acetone
  • Metal Panel – Clean with high pressure water or a water TSP solution as needed. Remove all rust with a wire brush.
  • Asphalt surface – Clean with high pressure water
  • Silicone – Do not apply over silicone coatings


Apply FT 500 Butyl Fleece Tape only in temperatures between 40°F and 105°F. After the surface has been properly prepared, cut tape to desired length. Remove the release liner and position tape over desired area. Precisely apply the tape directly to the area on the first attempt as trying to remove tape may damage the tape and/or the roofing surface. Firmly press on all areas of tape with a finger or roller making sure tape stays conformed to the roof surface. Always roll from the center towards the outside to remove any air pockets. Edges must be free of any fishmouths. Do not stretch tape during application. Apply PM silicone coating over tape the same day. 

For more detailed application instructions, check out our installation specifications.

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