Surface-Leveling Silicone

SKU: SL-800-5

Replacing or restoring a gravel built-up roof has historically been a major challenge, filled with back-breaking labor removing the tar and gravel.

SL-800 Surface Leveling Silicone is designed for use over gravel BUR. After vacuuming off any loose rock, SL-800 can be applied to fill in cracks and gaps and provide a smoother surface for your silicone top coat, eliminating the need for roof tear-off.

Available in: Red color and 5 and 50-gallon containers.

Application: Spray-applying is recommended.


SL 800 Surface Leveling Coating is a modification of our 100% Silicone Roof Coating with a red color. SL 800 is designed to be used as a surface-leveler on roofing projects in which the surface is too rough or uneven to apply a roof coating, such as gravel surface built-up roofs and “alligatored” areas of a smooth surface built-up roof.

This coating should be applied to the roof surface via heavy-duty airless spray unit. Roll-applying is not recommended. After application, SL 800 will self-level into the lowest points on the roof and provide a smoother surface for Silicone Roof Coating application.

Composition and Materials: SL 800 is a dispersion of silicone rubber. This coating is a one-part, ready-to-use material that can be applied easily to a dry, frost-free surface, and cures by reacting with moisture in the air. At normal temperatures and humidity, cure time is between in 4 and 48 hours (depending on thickness), For applications with lower than normal temperature and humidity levels, expect the cure time to be longer.

Storage and Shelf Life: Pro-Level Surface Leveling Coating has a recommended shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture when stored in unopened containers between 40°F and 80°F. Refer to product packaging for date of manufacture.


Prep: Prior to starting your roofing project, prep the roof by power-washing, removing dirt and debris, and making any necessary repairs. Ensure roof is completely dry prior to applying silicone. For more detailed preparation instructions, view our Technical Resources page.

Mix: It is recommended that any silicone product be mixed with a drill mixer for ~5 minutes prior to application.

  • Spray: Apply SL 800 with a standard heavy-duty airless spray unit at a rate of 3-6 gallons per 100 sq. ft. depending on surface texture. Use short, overlapping passes to ensure the entire surface is coated and there are no voids in the surface.
  • Roller: Apply SL 800 with a medium to heavy nap roller. Pour material onto the surface and use roller to spread material into all cracks and crevices. If applying by roller instead of sprayer, anticipate using additional material to fill all voids. Installing by roller will also likely cause some of the rock to become disembedded which will need to be removed prior to installing the silicone top coat.

Cure Time: Pro-Level Surface Leveling Coating cures in 4-48 hours depending on weather conditions. Because conditions vary, it is recommended that you exercise caution prior to walking on recently applied coating.

Weather Restrictions: To ensure optimum performance, it is recommended that you do not apply this product when surface temperatures are below 40 degrees. In cold-weather applications, material should be kept indoors until immediately before application. It is also recommended that you do not apply this material while rain is falling. Rain will not cause silicone to wash off, but the substrate will become wet and will negatively impact adhesion.

For more detailed application instructions, check out our installation specifications.

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