Mineral Spirits

SKU: MS-550-5

In different weather conditions, it is sometimes necessary to thin out a silicone coating to properly spray it. It is always necessary to properly clean spray equipment after use. MS 550 helps with both.

MS 550 Mineral Spirits is a solvent designed specifically for silicone roof coatings. MS 550 is a dual-purpose solvent as it can act as a thinning agent for PM Silicone as well as a cleaning solvent for silicone spray equipment.

Available in: Clear color and 5-gallon containers.

Application: Mix no more than 10% by volume of MS 550 to silicone coating.


Storage and Shelf Life: MS 550 is good for up to 3 years from the date of manufacture. Keep all packages closed in a cool, dry place.


Thinning: For easier spray application, mix no more than 10% by volume of the MS 550 to the silicone coating. Be aware that the more mineral spirits that you mix into the silicone product, the less millage per gallon you will yield.

Flushing the Pump: For every 250’ of hose, you should flush your pump and hoses with 15 gallons of mineral spirits. Leave the clean mineral spirits in the pump and hoses after the flush in order not to introduce air into the system.

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