RP-300 Fibered Sealant

SKU: RP-301-12-2-P-KS

Ready Patch Fibered Sealant is a thick sealant designed to stop water even during the storm. This product adheres to nearly every substrate and can be applied on wet surfaces or even under water.

Ready Patch is thick enough to patch most leaks and it's fibered chemistry makes it stronger than a typical caulk. Additionally, it does not need to be stirred making it easy to apply and great to have in a pinch. This product can be painted or recoated with silicone as well!

Available in: White, Gray, & Black. You can buy a case (12) of caulk tubes or 2 gallon pails of RP-300

Application: Apply by hand with a brush, trowel, or putty knife.


RP 300 Series Sealant is a high-strength, one-component, elastomeric sealant that permanently adheres to many construction materials without the use of primer. RP 300 is a low odor and 100% solids formula designed for interior and exterior construction applications. RP 300 is an environmentally friendly formula that contains no solvents or isocyanates and yields very low VOC’s.

Typical uses include: Rough areas of SPF, drain bowls, and under and around rooftop-mounted equipment. It is also an excellent repair material for direct-to-metal repairs, spray polyurethane foam, smooth built-up and smooth modified bitumen, granulated modified bitumen, aged single-ply roof membrane, flashings, fasteners, and drains.


Repair cracks, breaks, tears, and holes by applying 1/8” to 1/2“thick with a trowel or putty knife. Thicker application results in better performance and longer sealant life. Sealant can be applied over old silicone coating or sealant which has cured. Work the sealant into the damaged area and spread it 2” to 4” beyond, feathering the edges. Check to see that no voids have been left in patched areas. If so, apply more sealant and allow to set up before coating. Ready Patch is tack-free in about 1 hour and fully cured in about 7 days.